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Dial the Gate

Waiting for IDC. . .

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Cassie Valentine
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I am over 18, in fact, I'm 26. Born in '84. Yes, I remember when The Care Bears were popular the first time. So, yeah, there is NC-17 stuff in here. Read at your own risk.


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girl. 26. canadian. single. owner of a useless degree(ba in history). owner of a slightly less useless degree (b.ed). on dialysis. waiting for a kidney (a blue sequined one please). singer. piano player. fandom hor in a big way. writer. webmaster. procrastinator. cynic. most of the time. liberal. pro-choice. ice water hor. icon base maker. random graphics maker.

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Tumblr: dmorgandorffer
twiter: https://twitter.com/blowup1sun
email: emallia_janor[at]hotmail[dot]com ebishop1984[at]gmail[dot]com if you're really jones-ing for me.

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home: thunder bay, ontario
internet: teller of tales all fanfiction all the time.
here on lj of course.
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fandoms: sg-1. gilmore girls. the 4400. m*a*s*h. dead like me. er. andromeda. voyager. ds9. enterprise. anne of green gables. annie. grey's anatomy. private practice. firefly. serenity. atlantis. sg-1. harry potter. road to avonlea.
reading: dear canada. the best awful.
writing: brave new world. sweir ficathon piece. da capo al fine: season 4. split second. an annie fic.
next up: da capo al fine: season 5. more charlie scenes. possibly some harry/ofc stuff. annie fic. m*a*s*h fic. atlantis ramblings.
listening:itunes on shuffle. everything from dixie chicks to musicals, to sound tracks to great big sea, barenaked ladies, jewel, amanda marshall, alanis morrisette, old blue eyes, eminem . . . 1600+ tracks of randomness baby.
playing: guitar hero on tour: decades - nintendo ds lite.
guitar hero III, lego star wars - nintendo wii
Layout: scifijunkie my eternal gratitude. (original layout by refutare (http://community.livejournal.com/refutare/17788.html), Mer did the grunt work to make my pretty.)
Moodtheme: dana_cz (When I get around to it.)

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4400, actors, actresses, alex kingston, alexis bledel, amanda marshall, amanda tapping, andromeda, andromeda fanfiction, anne fanfic, anne shirley, anne/gilbert, annie, anti-american, anti-war, ashley magnus, atlantis, barenaked ladies, beka valentine, beka/tyr, bekaneers, bj hunnicutt, bones, book, booster rocket, booth, broadway, carol hathaway, carter, charles tucker iii, christina aguilara, conchita campbell, cristina yang, david boreanaz, dead like me, deep space nine, diana barry, diana skouris, dixie chicks, doug ross, elizabeth corday, elizabeth weir, emily dechanel, ensign sato, enterprise, er, eureka maru, ezri dax, fanfiction, firefly, firefly icons, george o'malley, george/meredith, gilbert blythe, gilmore girls, gordon michael woolvett, great big sea, grey's anatomy, h/hr, harper, harper/rommie, harry potter, hawkeye pierce, hawkeye/margaret, helen magnus, hermione granger, hoshi sato, inara serra, inara/mal, izzie stevens, j/c, jack o'neill, jacqueline mckenzie, jadzia dax, janeway/chakotay, javajunkies, jayne, jeri ryan, jetc, john carter, john sheppard, kate mulgrew, kathryn janeway, kaylee frye, kaylee/simon, keith hamilton cobb, kelly clarkson, kerry weaver, kerry/carter fic, lauren graham, linda park, lisa ryder, lorelai gilmore, lorelai/luke, luke danes, m*a*s*h, maia rutledge, maia skouris, mal reynolds, mal/inara, margaret houlihan, mark greene, mason, mcdreamy, megan follows, meredith grey, meredith/george, ming-na, miss stacy, music, musical theater, nicole deboer, noah wyle, pei, prochoice, river tam, ron weasley, rory gilmore, roxann dawson, roxie, rube, samantha carter, sanctuary, scott peterson, serenity, shepard book, simon tam, simon/kaylee, singing, sparky, stargate: atlantis, susan lewis, temperance brennan, terry farrel, the beatles, tom baldwin, torri higginson, trio fic, trip, tyr anasazi, valentine smart, vanessa carlton, voyager, weir/sheppard, █♥█, ,

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