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24 February 2016 @ 01:32 pm
Quick updates, incase there's anyone out there who still gives a fuck.

Had a kidney biopsy on Monday to see what the hell the kidney is up to. Acute failure for the win! Who the hell knows.

Father continues to be a lazy pile I want to smother in his sleep.

Mom continues to enable his shitty behaviour.

Tore ANOTHER pair of pant beyond repair on the STACKS of his hoardings in the basement. Dad doesn't care/won't do shit to get rid of anything. Mom will continue to ignore his issues, as always.

Work is work. At least it's permanent now. Would like hours to pick up, here's hoping Easter does the trick.

I can't decide if it's the Agent Carter fandom that is a bunch of shitty cry babies or if it's just the Tumblr faction of the fandom I've been exposed to. (Seriously, with the amount of bitching over the musical number in the last episode, I thought the WHOLE episode was going to be music numbers, not just that one scene.)

I am exhausted and pissed off by life in this house, but what the hell else is new.